About us:

The Bell City Rifle Club Inc. is a private shooting club with a membership of 525 ranging from the average marksman to National Champions in competitive shooting.  Whether you are a shooter who finds satisfaction in a well-executed, well placed shot from a familiar firearm or are a seasoned competitive marksman, Bell City offers a record of over eighty years in providing a safe and enjoyable facility for the pursuit of the shooting sports.

Conveniently located less than two miles from Interstate 84, Bell City Rifle Club, Inc. houses both indoor and outdoor range facilities designed for the firing of handguns and rifles.

Bell City proudly hosts several regularly scheduled indoor and outdoor league-type activities for those interested in the competitive shooting sports. Entry to most matches is open to shooters with proper safety and procedural training for a small fee.  Spectators are also welcome at the majority of Bell City hosted events.

In addition to these scheduled activities, Bell City offers a variety of other outdoor shooting activities.  For more information regarding activities and schedules please see our calendar of events.

Our Facilities and Programs:

Bell City Indoor Range:

The Bell City Indoor Range is a 50 foot range with 6 firing points for either rifle or handguns using .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.  Open to members twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the indoor range is a very popular during the winter months.  Indoor range activities during the winter season include:

  • The Bell City Pistol Team – Weekly indoor evening matches competing with teams from across the mid-state area at various locations.  Matches are fired using .22 pistols in the National Match Course format.
  • The Bell City Small-bore Rifle Team – Weekly evening matches competing with teams from across the mid-state area at various locations.  Matches are fired in three and four positions.
  • Bell City Junior Program – Weekly evening program Friday nights.  The program is open to anyone age 10 to 18.  No equipment is necessary for the program, everything will be supplied by Bell City.

Bell City Outdoor Range:

The Bell City Outdoor Range Facility provides two major ranges, rifles and handguns, both with covered firing points.

The Bell City Handgun Range offers 30 shooting stations for firing at 25 yards and includes several points offering target placement at variable distances.  This range also accommodates the firing of muzzle loading firearms.

The Bell City Rifle Range provides 40 firing points for shooters at 50 yards, 100 yards and includes 18 firing points extending to its unique 200 yard range area which houses a protected pit area.  The Bell City outdoor range facilities are open to the membership from 10 am until sundown daily.

During the summer season, outdoor range competitive activities include:

  • Bulls-Eye Handgun Matches – Weekly evening 900 pistol matches using a three-gun or .22 only formats.
  • Small Bore Rifle Matches – Weekly evening small-bore prone matches at which competitors fire 40 record shots at targets on the 100 yard line.

High Power Matches – Monthly weekend high-power matches conducted using the Bell City 200 yard range.  These matches are generally fired using center fire rifles with varying courses of fire.  The Bell City 200 yard range, unlike those at any of the other local facilities, is operated from a protected pit-area allowing the match to be conducted efficiently with shooters assigned to various duties.